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Birthday Parties

Celebrate your birthday the Explorit way, with hands-on science fun!

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A Party at Explorit Includes...

  • Attendance for up to 20 children plus a maximum of 8 chaperones.

  • Use of decorated party room to celebrate with food, cake, and presents.

  • Exclusive access to the main Exhibit Gallery.

  • Educator-led  themed group activities with a make-'n'-take craft included for every party guest.

  • Plates, cups and forks provided upon request.

  • Themed gift for the birthday child.


$300 for members / $325 for non-members

$50 (non-refundable) deposit required at time of booking.

Call today to reserve your party!

(530) 756-0191




Amazing Animals

Learn about insects and get an
up-close encounter with Explorit's fascinating Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches. Meet one of our animal ambassadors to reveal the world of reptiles.


Dynamite Dinosaurs

Dive into the prehistoric age to discover more about the life of dinosaurs. Party guests will be amazed by the collection of fossil replicas used to demonstrate how paleontologists learn about the past.

Party Themes


Frequently asked questions about Explorit's Birthday Parties

What does Explorit provide? What should I provide?

Explorit provides:

  • A room for party activities

  • Educator-led themed science activities

  • Tables and chairs for refreshments and celebration

  • Refrigerator, freezer, and microwave for food

  • Admission to the main Gallery for everyone in your group

  • Gift for the birthday child


You provide:

  • All food and drink

  • Themed plates, napkins and cups if preferred. No decorations please

How involved is Explorit in facilitating the Birthday Party?

An Explorit educator facilitates the entire 2 hour birthday party. The 1st hour takes place in the party room where guests will create two themed crafts and view a science lesson presented by the educator. The first hour concludes with guests enjoying their food and opening of gifts. The guests will then enter the main exhibit  for a private hour in the gallery.

Can I come early to set up my food ? How late can I stay to clean up?

You may come 20 minutes early to set up and stay 20 minutes later to clean up.

Who is included in my guest count?

All children attending the party will be counted as party guests. Adult guests participate for free. Children must be supervised by an adult guest at all times.

Where does my group check in once they arrive at Explorit?

You may check in at the front window and meet the party coordinator who will show you to the West Wing party room. Your party guests can go directly to the West Wing.

What if I need to cancel my reservation?

$50 deposit is non-refundable. Remaining balance is due on the date of your party.

Can I have food delivered to Explorit?

The party organizer must be present and available to receive and pay for the food or you may want to pay for it in advance.

What dies Explorit provide?
How involved is Explorit in facilitating?
Can I come early?
Who is included in guest count?
Party FAQ
Where dos my group check in?
What if I need to cancel my reservation?
Can I have food delivered?
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