Classroom Adventures

WE VISIT YOU -Bring Explorit into your classroom!

Aligned with Next Generation Science Standards

Encourages problem-solving skills

Subject varies according to grade level

Real science specimens

Programs In Your Classroom Or At School Site

Four topics, an array of specimens, activities and information. The scope and focus of each subject varies according to grade level.

Each Classroom Adventure is an hour in length and includes an interactive introduction by Explorit's science educator, plus time for free exploration and investigation. Teacher supplements with specific standards alignment are available for each topic. All programs are aligned with state and national standards.

Amazing Animals


Investigate the way animals survive and thrive with real animal specimens. See how adaptations help animals hide in plain sight and how young animals change as they grow. Meet Explorit’s resident insects and reptiles.

NGSS: LS1.A, LS1.B, LS1.C, LS2.A, LS3.A, LS3.B, LS4.B, LS4.C, LS4.D, ESS2.E, ESS3.A

Earth's Featues


Uncover the Earth’s layers to discover the forces behind the phenomena of earthquakes and volcanoes. Design an earthquake-safe structure and then shift the tectonic plates. Explore rock, fossil, sand, and mineral samples for what they reveal about the history of the planet.


Ecosytems and Biomes


Discover how water, weather, geology, and flora and fauna make each biome unique. From changes in the atmosphere to the layers of the soil, explore the roles that both biotic and abiotic factors play in the ecosystem.

NGSS: LS1.A, LS1.B, LS1.C, LS1.D, LS2.A, LS2.B, LS2.C, LS2.D, LS4.C, LS4.D, ESS2.A, ESS2.C, ESS2.D, ESS2.E

Simple Machines


Explore how forces and objects interact to make things move. Test different pulley systems, build with gears, and discover the simple machines hidden in everyday objects. Lift people off the ground with a lever, or roll them across the floor with wheels.


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Session Length - 60 minutes
Group Size - Up to 40 children.
Teacher participation plus 2-4 adult chaperones required.
Availability - Weekdays Up to 4 sessions per day; Up to 2
different topics per day

For more information:

Call 530.756.0191 or
Email explorit@explorit.org


Collaborate with other teachers to book more sessions and save!

4 sessions = $600 ($150 per session*)
3 sessions = $525 ($175 per session*)
2 sessions = $370 ($185 per session*)
1 session = $210

*Reduced prices apply only for same topic, same site, same day programs.
Overage charges apply for groups over 40 students.
Travel Fees - 99 cents per round-trip mile to your site

Family Science Night

Explorit transforms your school's multipurpose room into a hands-on science museum for the entire family.

Inquiry Labs

You visit us! Students, in small groups, meet open-ended challenges to stimulate curiosity, creativity, and collaboration.

Discovery Lessons

Join an Explorit educator for a guided exploration of our current gallery exhibition.

Nature Safaris

Explore the wilds of our adjacent Mace Ranch Park while discovering the biotic and abiotic factors that comprise Explorit’s local ecosystem.

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