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OCT 2 & 3, 2021

We are counting down the days to our grand reopening of public hours in October! Join us for our welcome back weekend on October 2nd and 3rd. Please click the button below to reserve your entry to the event. Follow us on social media for the latest reopening updates.

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3141 5th St.
Davis, CA 95618
In beautiful Mace Ranch Park


$5 per person
Free admission for members and children 2 & under

(Temporarily Closed)
Hours starting Oct 2:

Friday 1 to 4 pm
Saturday & Sunday 10am to 2pm

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Healthy Planet Healthy You

Now Accepting Sponsorships

All Sponsors will be listed and recognized both on our website and in the exhibit gallery.  Your contributions will help turn a great exhibit into an excellent one!

About the Exhibit:

Healthy Planet, Healthy You will explore a variety of topics including air quality and the respiratory system, renewable energies, water quality, soil, photosynthesis, food webs, and more! Guests to the museum will find hands-on activities featuring descriptions and interpreting the Air Quality Index, as well as view healthy and diseased lung samples under microscopes. Young engineers can build windmills with different types of materials to see if any are more efficient than others. Guests will observe different types of water and soil samples and learn what different tests can tell us about the health of an area. How does air, water, sun, soil, plants, and animals all connect? Find out by building food webs and seeing how the elimination of a single organism can affect an entire ecosystem.

Currently at Explorit


Healthy Planet, Healthy You

Explorit's new exhibit, Healthy Planet Healthy You, will be opening October 2, 2021.

What to Expect When You Visit

While visiting Explorit, you will find a variety of hands-on activities to explore scientific phenomena. Explorit's educators will be present to help guide you through your Explorit experience, so make sure to ask them any questions that may pop into your brain! Along with our rotating main exhibit, which is currently Healthy Planet, Healthy You, feel free to explore our animal alcove; if you're lucky, you may even be able to touch some of our creatures with assistance from staff. In the Discovery Den, you will find exploration-based toys  for young children to play with, along with scientific readings.


If you have further questions about visiting Explorit, call (530) 756-0191.

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Explorit holds summer and after-school science camps, providing hands-on, fun scientific activities for kids of all ages.

Inquiry Labs

You visit us! Students, in small groups, meet open-ended challenges to stimulate curiosity, creativity, and collaboration.

Nature Safaris

Explore the wilds of our adjacent Mace Ranch Park while discovering the biotic and abiotic factors that comprise Explorit’s local ecosystem.

Discovery Lessons

Join an Explorit educator for a guided exploration of our current gallery exhibition.

Programs at Explorit