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Explorit Rocks! is now open! Visit during public hours to explore rocks, fossils, and crystals!

On display this weekend only!

View  animal pelts, skulls, skeletons, and mounted specimens from around the world brought to us by Kaotic Mythicals The Nature Connection Mobile Museum.


Explorit Rocks! NOW OPEN

Explorit Rocks! is now open! Become a paleontologist and try out our Dino Dig Pit; become a geologist, exploring and identifying different rocks. The possibilities are endless at Explorit's exciting new exhibit.

This weekend at Explorit...

January 28-29


Color, assemble, and pose your own paper Triceratops puppet. Then explore the fossils in our Rocks! exhibit to learn more about ( and maybe take a selfie with) this fascinating dinosaur.

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Crystal Salt


An exhibit about rocks, fossils, and crystals

Now Accepting Sponsorships

Your contributions will help turn a great exhibit into an excellent one!

What's New at Explorit?

New Pollinator Garden

New Exhibit


New Outdoor Display

Currently at Explorit

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Explorit Rocks! An Exhibit about Rocks, Fossils, and Crystals

Explorit's new exhibit, Explorit Rocks!, is opening Saturday, September 3rd.

Currently at Explorit

What to Expect When You Visit

While visiting Explorit, you will find a variety of hands-on activities to explore scientific phenomena. Explorit's educators will be present to help guide you through your Explorit experience, so make sure to ask them any questions that may pop into your brain! Along with our rotating main exhibit, which is currently Explorit Rocks!, feel free to explore our animal alcove; if you're lucky, you may even be able to touch some of our creatures with assistance from staff. In the Discovery Den, you will find exploration-based toys and specimen for young children to play with, along with scientific readings.


If you have further questions about visiting Explorit, call (530) 756-0191.


while in the museum.

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Visit today and get exploring!

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Party Decor


Hands-on science fun, based on your child's interests!
Make this birthday unforgettable!

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Explorit holds summer and seasonal after-school science camps, providing hands-on, fun scientific activities for kids of all ages.

Inquiry Labs

You visit us! Students, in small groups, meet open-ended challenges to stimulate curiosity, creativity, and collaboration.

Discovery Lessons

Join an Explorit educator for a guided exploration of our current gallery exhibition.

Nature Safaris

Explore the wilds of our adjacent Mace Ranch Park while discovering the biotic and abiotic factors that comprise Explorit’s local ecosystem.

Programs at Explorit

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