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Our Wild World.

Our Wild World. opens on September 2nd!

Visit during public hours to discover the fascinating world of animals.

Friday 1pm to 4pm

Saturday & Sunday 10am to 2 pm

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Currently at Explorit

What to Expect When You Visit

While visiting Explorit, you will find a variety of hands-on activities to explore the exhibit's topic.  Explorit's educators can help guide you through your family's experience.  Along with our rotating exhibit, which is currently Our Wild World., feel free to explore our animal alcove.
If you're lucky, you may even get to touch one of our creatures with assistance from staff. In the Discovery Den, you will find exploration-based toys, puzzles and activities for young children to discover. Curl up under a leaf in our reading corner
with one of our fantastic scientific books.

Relax in our beautiful Pollinator Garden  while you learn about local plants and the creatures that keep them healthy and thriving.


If you have further questions about visiting Explorit, call (530) 756-0191.

Visit today and get exploring!

Crystal Salt
Explorit would like to thank our generous sponsors whose contributions have made this exhibit possible.

 Always Accepting Exhibit Sponsorships,

Your contributions will help turn a great exhibit into an excellent one!

How many did you see?

Explorit and the Pollinator Garden is located in beautiful Mace Ranch Park in Davis.

In addition to pollinators, you may also come across other fascinating wildlife such as, non-veno
mous snakes, squirrels, insects and birds.

How many species did you see during
your last visit to the museum?



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