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WE VISIT YOU - Bring Explorit to your school community!

Program At Your School Site

This program offers dynamic and stimulating science experiences for your entire elementary school community.

If you think science is boring, think again!

Family Science Night is an enjoyable interactive experience for guests of all ages. Parents can learn with their children as they visit 16 stations, each with activities that encourage guests to look closer at the science that influences our daily lives.


From Geology and Biology , to engineering and more, topics range from life cycles, plant and animal sciences, nutrition and the human body, microscopic studies, and fossils, rocks and crystals. All topics and activities tie to Next Generation Science Standards.

The program is 1 1/2 hours in duration, can be scheduled for the early evening, and held in your cafeteria or multi-purpose room.

Call 530-756-0191 to reserve.


Session Length - 90 minutes
Serves - up to 600 children & adults
12-15 adult volunteers required.
Availability - Weekdays 6- 7:30 p.m. Other days and times are available by special arrangement (Set-up time starts at 3:30pm)

For more information:

Call 530.756.0191 or


Program Fee - $925
Travel Fee - 99 cents per round-trip mile to your site

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