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Find a program that fits your needs.

Learn about Explorit's many offerings for kids, adults, teens, families, teachers and anyone who's curious about the world around them.


Science Programs At Your School Site

Explorit's educators travel from Davis with hands-on programs to elementary schools in 12 to 18 counties each year.


Classroom Adventures

Invite Explorit into your classroom to provide guided hands-on and minds-on experiences for your students.

Family Science Nights

These programs offers dynamic and stimulating science experiences for your entire elementary school community.


Science Programs For School Groups At Explorit

Elementary school classes and groups visit Explorit during the school year for a variety of STEM enrichment programs.


Inquiry Labs

Labs that emphasize the importance of experimentation, creativity and group work to the scientific process.


Discovery Lessons

Group visits to a Changing Exhibition, facilitated by an Explorit educator.


Nature Safaris

Visits to Explorit's Outdoor Spaces.


Exhibit Gallery

Check out Explorit's current gallery exhibit:

Explorit Rocks!

Special Events

Explorit puts on a range of special events: something for everyone! Some community favorites include Women in STEM panels and Stargazing Parties.

Birthday Parties

Explorit Science Center birthday party packages offer hands-on science fun for all young children interested in science!

Explorit Seasonal Camps

These camps emphasize active learning through age-appropriate experiments, hands-on activities and problem-solving. Explorit’s hands-on approach to science supports formal education's NGSS and CCSS.

Astronomy Club

The Astronomy Club has no dues and anyone can join! Our members range in age from pre-school to post-retirement and in knowledge of astronomy from pre-school to post-doctorate. Our common trait is that we are amateurs (‘lovers’) of astronomy and are led to this field of science by our hearts.

women in STEM edited_edited.jpg

Why Explorit?


Investigate the way animals survive and thrive

with real animal specimens.

Amazing Animals

Earth's Features

Dinosaurs, rocks, minerals, mountains... Get ready to uncover the mysteries of the Earth in this exciting virtual program.

Digital Programs (Coming Soon)

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