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Explorit Camps

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Explorit's seasonal camps emphasize active learning through age-appropriate experiments, hands-on activities and problem-solving. 

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Themes & Dates


Camps are designed with a camper's academic, social and emotional growth levels in mind.  A child must be starting Kindergarten in  Fall  2023 to sign up for camp.  Sorry, no exceptions.

We apologize all the camps have sold out.

Join our waiting list and we will contact you should a spot become available.

Summer Camps

Something Wild

9am to Noon

June 19-23 | Grades K-2
July  24-28 | Grades K-2

Campers observe live animals and study hands-on specimens to learn the fun and interesting ways animals have adapted to survive and thrive in their habitats.

Mars Challenge

9am to Noon

June 26-30 | Grades 3-5

What does it take to successfully travel to and live on Mars? Campers learn their way around our solar system, then focus their efforts to design a mission to Mars. By the end of the week, teams will have launched experimental rockets, studied the atmosphere, designed systems for food and water, and built shelters to insure a successful mission.

Jr. Builders

9am to Noon

July 10-14 | Grades K-2

Learn about everyday simple machines and how they are used. Build arches, bridges, and buildings to see how the engineering is different between them.

Extreme Engineering

9am to Noon

July 17-21 | Grades 3-5

Campers learn the Design Engineering Cycle and apply it to daily challenges. Who can build the strongest bridge, tallest tower, and safest building?
By the end of camp, we will know!

Stones & Bones

9am to Noon

July 31-August 4 | Grades K-2

Become a Junior Paleontologist! Learn about the Earth's past by participating in geology and paleontology hand-on labs. From Mammoths to Megalodons, if you're passionate about the prehistoric, this camp is for you.

Best of Explorit

9am to Noon

August 7-11 | Grades K-2

Campers build, experiment, play and explore the best of all the science camps of this summer. Experiment with animals, space, engineering, fossils and geology as Explorit celebrates the end of the summer season.

Pricing & Policy


Spring Camp          $175

Summer Camp     $185

  • Members at the *Family Level and above receive a discount on camp fees and early registration opportunities  for camps.

  • Explorit membership will be verified for discount.

*Members at the Individual, Student, or Senior Levels are not eligible for benefits.


Spring Camp         $200

Summer Camp    $210

  • To receive a membership discount, please join Explorit first.

  • Explorit membership will be verified for discounts.


  • Masking while indoors optional.

  • Enhanced daily cleaning procedures.

  • Policies subject to change depending upon local health conditions.


Customers will receive a full refund if:

  • Customer cancels 2 weeks prior to camp.

  • Camp is cancelled by Explorit.

A partial refund may be issued within 2 weeks if:

  • Your spot is filled from a waitlist
    (-$25 processing fee)

Submit cancellations to

All cancellations MUST BE made in writing.
No-shows will be charged the full price.