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  • Sara Thompson

Thank You Summer Science Camp Participants

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

By Sara Thompson

Special to the Enterprise

A young girl writing in a notebook
One of Explorit's Summer Science Camp participants; Photo by Anna Fantasia

This summer Explorit had another successful set of Science Summer Camps. Our camps would not be nearly as fun or successful without all of our campers and their families. Each week was filled with science and fun, and we hope our campers learned something too.

We started things off with Fossil Finders where our campers learned the tools and techniques paleontologists use to find dinosaurs and other fossils. Each day included looking at and handling fossils, a daily walk around the park, and a craft to take home. Campers make their own fossil impressions and painted them to look like rock, and even did their own individual dinosaur digs made with plaster.

Our older campers all learned new skills in orienteering, map reading, and cartography. They learned how to use a compass and several ways to find North while exploring. Campers learned about latitude and longitude and used GPS to find nearby geocaches. At the end of the week all campers made their own maps of Mace Ranch Park.

Campers in our final weeks learned all about different types of animals. They made a butterfly life cycle and colorful imprints of fish using rubber fish replicas and paint. Campers were able to use all of their senses to observe the park on our daily walks and viewed how our flour track traps changed each day. They also saw various animals in the park and learned about their habitats. Campers enjoyed meeting several live animals during camp including a chicken, a box turtle, California desert tortoise, blue-tonged skink, and various insects.

Our camps would not have been made possible without our crew of dedicated volunteers. Volunteers helped with setting up camp every day, assisting with activities and crafts, helping with walks, and daily cleaning and sanitizing of camp materials. Explorit wants to recognize and thank the following volunteers for their amazing efforts in making our Summer Science Camps run smoothly: Alex, Analia, Ben, Bradley, Chloe J., Chloe V., Cole, Ece, Elias, Elika, Elise, Ellen, George, Grant, Heather, Jacob, Jeesoo, Jenna, Krish, Rohan, Siddharth, Sofi, Susan, and Vamsi.

Again, Explorit wants to thank our staff members, volunteers, and all our campers for fun and exciting Summer Science Camps.


Explorit's coming events:

• Explorit is currently updating our facility and building our next exhibit. We are planning on opening the new exhibit with cleaning and safety protocols in place for October 2021.

• Like many small businesses the closures have had a significant impact on our income and sustainability. Now is a great time to donate and help Explorit continue to educate and inspire the scientists of tomorrow:

• Continue to support Explorit during this uncertain time by becoming a member. An Exploit Membership not only support us but grants the recipient with free visits to Explorit’s regular public hours, discounts on events, summer and after-school camps, and workshops, and gives you ASTC benefits to visit other museums throughout the world. For more information visit or call Explorit at 530-756-0191.

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