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Teacher Resources

Prepare for your Explorit experience!

Here you will find resources for teachers planning a field trip to Explorit (Teacher Enrichment Resource Packets). You can also explore our DIY experiments that are perfect for the classroom!

Teacher Enrichment Resource Packers (TERPs)

These supplements are intended to help teachers prepare their students for an Explorit experience. Each TERP contains background information, standards alignment and activities for before and after the program.

View Explorit Programs

TERPs for Classroom Adventures

TERPs for Inquiry Labs

TERPs for Nature Labs and Safaris


Do-It-Yourself Experiments

A range of simple experiments to try with your students at home or in the classroom.

Games, Quizzes, & More

Keep your students occupied & engaged with games, quizzes, and live camera feeds!


Classroom Adventures

Invite Explorit into your classroom! 
Guided hands-on and minds-on experiences for students grads K-5.

Inquiry Labs

You visit us! Students, in small groups, meet open-ended challenges to stimulate curiosity, creativity, and collaboration.

Discovery Lessons

Join an Explorit educator for a guided exploration of our current gallery exhibition.

Nature Safaris

Explore the wilds of our adjacent Mace Ranch Park while discovering the biotic and abiotic factors that comprise Explorit’s local ecosystem.

Other Explorit Programs

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