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  • Sara Thompson

Thank You to Our 2020 Volunteers

By Sara Thompson

Special to the Enterprise

volunteers speaking with kids

Explorit has had another successful year of providing science education to the Davis community and surrounding areas. Explorit is only successful because of our amazing team of volunteers who help us with countless tasks. Not only do they help us with teaching during events, camps, workshops, and birthday parties, but they also help us sort and put away materials donated by the community. They help us with maintenance and rehab of our school programs, docents during our public hours, and lead our Nature Bowl team. We want to recognize these wonderful people who take time out of their lives to help us out and keep us up and running, especially this year as we had to navigate and adapt to ever changing health concerns, closures, and restrictions.

Explorit heartily thanks our volunteers of 2020: Abdullah Riaz, Amy Shu, Andy Reising, Apurva Mishra, Aricia Huo, Arvin Domier, Ashter Reising, Ben Rabin, Bob Fairclough, Bob Tyzzer, Bonnie Bevmen, Braden Alston, Brian Keeley, Bridget Nagle, Calvin Domier, Cameron Hakim-Elahi, Cariappa Kodira, Caroline Johnson, Chloe Vu, Christopher Chiong, Cole Hanstad, Danny Maurantonio, Ece Midillioglu, Elika Kiani, Ellen Ferguson, Ellen Kim, Evan Recanzone, Evelyn Cheng, Fiona Duong, Gabi Caceres, Gracie Westergaard, Grant Barry, Grant Huez, Gregg Recanzone, Hind Omer, Ilon Owczarzak, Jack Maurantonio, Jacob Hertz, Jake Blumwald, Jamie Lee Cristobal, Jeff Barry, Jessica Oslund, John Horn, John Mott-Smith, Jordan Thoennes, Julie Langston, Kathy Glatter, Krish Kulkarni, Leela Ghassemi, Margot Thompson, Maria Sandhu, Max Hays, Max Maurantonio, Mesara Jayalath, Mia Gunasekera, Mia Mangney, Mick Finn, Nithmi Jayasundara, Olivia Sagayaradj, Rick LeFlore, Rita Sutter-Allen, Robin Houston, Rohan Baxi, Sam Reising, Serena Kim, Sheila Allen, Steve Bick, Tara Reddy, Tate Chatfield, Vinita Domier, Whalen Alston.

Thank you all again, we hope to see many of you again as we continue to provide science education to the community in 2021!


Explorit's coming events:

• Due to COVID-19 restrictions and the health and safety of our staff and visitors, our gallery will remain closed. Staff regularly check messages and email. Watch for additional after school camps in the new year.

• Like many small businesses the closures have had a significant impact on our income and sustainability. Now is a great time to donate and help Explorit continue to educate and inspire the scientists of tomorrow:

• Continue to support Explorit during this uncertain time by becoming a member. An Exploit Membership not only support us but grants the recipient with free visits to Explorit’s regular public hours, discounts on events, camps, and workshops, and gives you ASTC benefits to visit other museums throughout the world. For more information visit or call Explorit at 530-756-0191.


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