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  • Sara Thompson

Museum Adds Art in Pollinator Garden

By Sara Thompson

Special to the Enterprise

Last weekend Explorit partnered with the UCD Art/Science Fusion class to create a ceramic mosaic mural for the new Explorit Pollinator Garden. Families were helped by artists from UC Davis and the community to create bees, butterflies, and flowers to be added to the art piece. Families participating in the art class made ceramic tiles that will be part of a larger mural featuring local plants and their pollinators. The finished art piece will be put on display during a Pollinator Garden Dedication later this spring and participants are invited to attend.

During the class, participants not only learned about art, but also our native plants and their pollinators. They learned that pollinators are not just bees and butterflies but can also be birds and mammals as well. Each plant relies on specific pollinators to collect pollen to spread to other plants for reproduction. A loss of the pollinator could result in the destruction of the plant species. Similarly, a loss of a plant could reduce the food supply for pollinators and could eradicate that species as well. Both plants and their pollinators are in a delicate balance, and both need to be maintained.

Leading the class was Diane Ullman, Gale Okumura, and Lisa Tell. Diane Ullman is a recent recipient of the UC Davis Distinguished Teaching Award for her outstanding teaching of the undergraduate classes. She is a co-founder of the UC Davis Art/Science Fusion program and leads courses in scientific art. Gale Okumura is a continuing lecturer for the Design Program in the Collect of Letters and Science at UC Davis. Her years of experience and dedication to helping not only students but her community has her involved on the boards of various area organization and non-profits. Lisa Tell is part of UC Davis’ Veterinary Sciences Department. She provided participants with information about our local pollinators, particularly hummingbirds.

Explorit wants to thank everyone involved in putting these art classes together, especially Explorit’s Board Member Julie Langston who did the majority of the planning and collaboration for the classes. A big thank you to Diane Ullman, Gale Okumura, and Lisa Tell for leading the classes. Additionally, thank you to Heather Eckels, Valerie Jones, Sarah Rizzo, and Teresa Slack for all of their assistance during the classes, and preparations made before and after. We look forward to featuring the mural in our Pollinator Garden for all guests to view and enjoy, while they learn about our local plants and their pollinators.


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