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Family Programs & Festivals

Family Explorations, Meet the Scientist, and Family Festivals are themed, hands-on special events designed for children and adults to learn together.

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Family Explorations

Explorit's Family Explorations often, but not always, take place on weekends.  These are usually informal, hands-on activity sessions for all ages of children and adults. Sometimes there are take-home products. Explorit frequently invites community scientists to lead these programs, sharing their expertise with visitors.  Other times Explorit provides the activities.  


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Meet The Scientist

In this program practicing scientists or naturalists are invited to bring their working materials to engage informally with visitors through conversation. A scientist will usually spend two or three hours during public hours on a Saturday or Sunday talking with individuals, family groups or simply clusters of visitors that congregate around him or her. This is a great way to learn about science careers.

Family Festivals

These are larger events often on weekends but, depending upon the focus of the Festival, they may occur on a specific weekday. There is usually a Spring Festival to celebrate Explorit's April Birthday and a Summer Festival called "The Final Blast" to mark the end of summer activities at Explorit.


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