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Portal to the Public

Portal to the Public (PoP) is a program that provides free workshops for scientists and free activities and events for the public.

 PoP workshop

"It was cool to connect with the public and tell them about my research."

Often one of the most difficult tasks facing scientists is sharing their research with the non-scientific community. Concepts and language that are easily understood by other researchers are often indecipherable to those lacking a scientific background. As a result of this lingual and conceptual conflict, exciting information and discovery can go underappreciated.

"I learned a lot about multi-way communication, working with different age groups, how to communicate my research - this is very valuable information / input."

In conjunction with a number of Science Centers* (see below) throughout the United States and supported by the National Science Foundation, Explorit Science Center with Portal to the Public (PoP) PoP workshop 2 is looking to help overcome this conflict. Explorit joined the program, with seven other U.S. science centers, in 2009.

This program seeks to engage anyone working within a scientific field who wants to share their research with the larger public via ‘hands-on’ activities. Explorit Science Center will host a series of one-day workshops in which we will provide participants the opportunity to hone or develop the educational and informational tools unique to teaching in a hands-on and face-to-face environment as well as provide them the opportunity to engage the public directly via Explorit’s hands-on science museum.

By employing tested activities, participants will move beyond their specific scientific fields and instead focus on broader concepts, such as learning styles and questioning strategies, which will provide scientists new tools for engaging with the public. By concentrating on shared experiences and passions, the public will be able to better engage and relate to the scientists and their research. 

"It gave me the opportunity to connect with the community, and it helped me to see the big picture with the research I'm doing."

By helping the public better relate to scientists and stimulate scientific curiosity in a million minds, Explorit Science Center furthers its mission of engaging people in scientific experiences that touch all of our lives.

Please contact Explorit for more information.

Participating museums:

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Portal to the Public is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. DRL-0639021.

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