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Welcome to Explorit

Explorit is a hands-on science museum in Davis, California


The Explorit Science Center is providing a new series of talks focused on “Our World In Water”.
These talks will take place in DMG-Mori’s beautiful conference auditorium at 3805 Faraday Ave., Davis.

"Moving Lake Tahoe - The Story of its Currents" This is the title of Explorit's next talk on February 9th at 7pm. Explorit's talks take place at DMG-Mori in East Davis at 3805 Faraday Ave. This talk will be given by Geoffrey Schladow, Ph.D. Water Talk

Geoffrey Schladow holds a B. Eng. and Ph.D. degrees in civil engineering from the University of Western Australia, and an M. Eng. in hydraulic engineering from the University of California at Berkeley. For over thirty years his research has focused on the interactions between the complex fluid motions found in nature and their impacts on water quality, ecosystem health and watershed processes. He holds the position of Professor of water resources and environmental engineering at UC Davis, and is the founding director of the UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center.

Explorit engages children and adults in hands-on science discovery.  We have a family-friendly museum and nature site in Davis. What’s more, we take science programs on the road to schools and community sites in 16 counties. The center offers everyone the chance to “Think it… Try it… Explorit.”  [Public hours]



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