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Summer Camp

These camps emphasize active learning through age-appropriate experiments, hands-on activities and problem-solving. Explorit’s hands-on approach to science supports formal education's NGSS and CCSS.

Summer Science Camp - June 13 - August 19, 2016 SummerCamp2016.jpg

Registration begins March 16, 2016 at 9:00 am

Explorit’s Summer Science Camps are offered for children entering preschool (minimum age is 4 years) to children entering 5th grade in the fall.  Camps are five-day sessions with a morning option for all grade levels and afternoon sessions for children entering grades 1 - 5. 

Explorit accepts Visa and Mastercard for the class registration. (You can use these or PayPal for membership)

>> Three options for online registration: 


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>> Summer Camp Information:
  1. SUMMER CAMP 2016 COMPLETE GUIDE - DOWNLOAD - a full color, 7-page, 12MB pdf that contains the items 2, 3 and 4 that are smaller files and may be quicker for you to download.  
  2. CAMP DESCRIPTIONS scroll down to see the descriptions below - or   - DOWNLOAD a full color pdf.
  3. INSTRUCTIONS Registration Instructions and Camp Policies page or - DOWNLOAD a full-color pdf.
  4. The "MAIL-IN" OR "HAND-DELIVERY" REGISTRATION FORM - DOWNLOAD a printable pdf document.
  • Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.  
  • Many sessions fill up quickly.
  • Members' class fees are discounted $50 per class. 
  • Topics offered on multiple weeks are repeat offerings. Children may not register for the same topic twice.



 Camps for children entering preschool - kindergarten

Preschool (age 4) - entering kindergarten:ssc image #1.png
 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Monday - Friday 
Fee: $175 members, $225 nonmembers 
Children must be 4 years old by the first day of camp
  • Get Up & Go!  June 13-17
Discover energy all around--in your muscles, in a rubber band, and on a slide. How do you find and measure energy?
  • Food, Fun & Science,  June 27-July 1
What are your favorite foods? Why do we choose what we eat? Healthy or unhealthy? How do we know what choices to make?
  • Up & Away,   July 11-15
Birds! Planes! Rockets! Kites! How do they leave the ground? Join us as we learn about flight!
  • Smell & Tell,   July 25-29
How do animals talk? By sound? By color? By scent? By movement? We’ll investigate lots of ways animals send and receive messages.
  • My World is Your World,  August 8-12
How are environment, nature, weather, and health connected? Let’s explore our backyard and find out!

Camps for children entering grades 1 – 2

Entering Grades 1 - 2:ssc image #5.png
 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Monday - Friday
Fee: $175 members;  $225 nonmembers
  • Wild Wavy World,  June 13-17  or  June 20-24
Ride a wave--of sound, of water, or light! Take a ride with the forces that make waves. Where will this wild ride take you?
  • Edible Energy,  June 27-July 1  or  July 5-8*
Vitamins! Minerals! Fat! oh my! What is in our food? Find out what make us strong. It is time to grow by eating healthy. (*reduced fee)
  • Winging It,   July 11-15  or  July 8-22
It’s a bird! No, it’s a plane! Grab your aviator glasses as we use and explore the forces that make things glide and fly.
  • Critter Chat,  July 25 -29  or  August 1-5
All animals have a lot to express to each other and to us. Can you talk to animals? Come explore the amazing ways animals send and receive messages with sights, sounds, smells, and actions.
  • Planet Care 101,   August 8-12  or  August 15-19
How does nature make you feel? Why do we want to protect our natural resources?
Can the environment help us? How can you protect our amazing planet?

Camps for children entering grades 3-5

Entering Grades 3 - 5:ssc image #6.png
 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Monday - Friday 
Fee: $175 for members, $225 for nonmembers
  • Stewardship Earth,  June 13-17  or  June 20-24
What does it mean to be green? How do human activities affect the planet? Join us as we immerse ourselves in nature and explore our environment. Are you an earth steward?
  • Show & Tell,   June 27 - July 1  or  July 5-8*
What do ants have to say to each other? Or peacocks? And do they say it in the same way? Do they use the same language? Join us in discovering the many special ways animals communicate. (*reduced fee)
  • Visualizing Velocity,  July 11-15  or  July 8-22
What is acceleration? What is velocity? How can we measure it? How can we feel it? Discover the unseen forces all around us--gravity, waves, and magnetic fields--as we explore speed and rate of movement.
  • Fuel You,   July 25-29  or  August 1-5
Where do you get your carbon? How does your food build and energize your body? Why do we need to exercise? Join us as we explore the chemistry of foods!!
  • Pushing Air,  August 8-12  or  August 15-19
What is aerodynamics? How do wind and air movement influence flying objects? We’ll test these forces and others as we become junior aeronautical engineers and build our own flying creations!

New! Afternoon camp for children entering grades 1-5

Afternoon Camps for children entering Grades 1-5
Each day of the week has a different theme and interesting science activities
ssc image #3.png
1:00 to 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday 
Fee:  $175 for members, $225 for nonmembers 
  • Monday: Discover it! - Sleuthing and Forensics
  • Tuesday: Find it! - Geocaching, Orienteering, and Mapping
  • Wednesday: Dig it! - Paleontology and Archaeology
  • Thursday: Design it! - Engineering and Challenges
  • Friday: Water it! - Splashing and Squirting
* Reduced fee for shortened week
Explorit provides supervision (12:00p.m. -1:00 p.m.)
for children registered for morning and afternoon sessions.

Final Blast Icon

"THE FINAL BLAST" - Annual Celebration of the end of Summer!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Celebrate the end of summer on August 28th at 
Explorit's "Final Blast!"
A full day of fun activities, including the UC Davis Chemistry Department faculty's spectacular Chemistry Show and much more!

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