Here at Explorit, we create excitement for science and nature through interactive exploration for all. Visit our Center in Davis for fun interactive experiences, animals, backyard habitats and more. We also provide off and onsite programs to schools in 18 Northern California counties.


This Weekend at Explorit:

Water is all around us...

It surrounds us on Earth and is always in motion; on the surface, in the sky, and below the ground.  Kids get to make a Water Cycle Wheel this weekend to learn about the "hydrologic cycle".

Be sure to plan a visit to Healthy Planet, Healthy You! before the science center closes on August 20 to make way for an all new exhibit, to be announced soon...

water cycle.jpg

New Exhibit Opening September 3rd

Explorit will be closed August 20 September 2 to prepare for the opening of our new exhibit, whose theme will be announced on our social channels on Sunday, August 14. Be sure to visit our current exhibit, Healthy Planet, Healthy You before it closes on August 20th. 

Pollinator Garden

Explorit has been working with the Yolo Master Gardeners to plan and plant a pollinator garden in Explorit's backyard. The garden contains native plants to help pollinators thrive and will help teach the community the importance of pollinators. Recently, community members came together with Explorit and the UC Davis Art/Fusion Class to create an art piece for the pollinator garden, which was revealed April 30 at the grand opening event.