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  • Sara Thompson

Thanks to Our 2022 Volunteers

By Sara Thompson

Special to the Enterprise

Celebrating 40 Years of Science! We were excited to open our latest exhibit “Explorit Rocks!” in September and have another fantastic year of providing science education to the Davis community and surrounding areas. Explorit is only successful because of our amazing team of volunteers who help us with countless tasks. Not only do they help us with teaching during events, camps, workshops, and birthday parties, but they also help us with day-to-day tasks such as filing and data entry. Volunteers have been helping with our weekend activities and crafts, as well as assisting our guests during public hours. We want to recognize these wonderful people who take time out of their lives to help us out and keep us up and running.

Explorit heartily thanks our volunteers of 2022: Adrian Mondala, Alex Chen, Angelo Lopez, Amber Malik, Amie Huang, Amy Karim, Audrey Takei, Ben Rabin, Braden Alston, Bradley Ellison, Brianna Garty, Bronwynn Ziemann, Carson Schmidt, Chanapa Mann, Chloe Jaffe, Chloe Paul, Chloe Vu, Cole Hanstad, Clara Szego, Darby Rose, Dylan Jayalath, Ece Midillioglu, Elias Toy, Ellen Ferguson, Emily Li, Evan Wang, George Anderson, Grace Hadani, Hanny Galaviz, Heather Li, Irene Xu, Jack Maurantonio, Jackson Friend, Jacob Hertz, Jefferson Wright, Jenna Kim, Jessica Oslund, Joe Guo, Jordan Kim, Juniper Baythavong, Kate Macaulay, Krish Kulkarni, Larry Douglas, Leela Ghassemi, Lewis Williams, Maya Yikilmaz, Max Maurantonio, Neha Dalal, Nicole Dalal, Nikhil Holbrook, Pratyush Bharadwaj, Punya Uppal, Renata Ferry, Riley Pinion, Rohan Baxi, Sean Gao, Sofia Buduchina, Susan Douglas, Tara Reddy, Tingfei Meng, Vik Prasad, Yael Lachman, Yanjun Liu.

Explorit Volunteer Board of Directors: Ben Ratner, Diedre Reitz, Glen Lusebrink, John Horn, Julie Langston, Karl Mohr, Ken Kaplan, Phyllis Himmel, Robert Tyzzer, Vinita Domier.

Sacramento Valley College Corps Interns: Annika Shije, Jairi Diaz Marin, Kate Tobie.

Again, Explorit thanks you all for your hard work and dedication to keeping us providing science education to our community this year, and the past 40!


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